Kasper Andreasen

This online archive comprises a selection of 56 artist’s books and publications. It aims to give an overview of an ongoing investigation into the form of the book, and specifically the extent to which a concept may be embedded in the mode of its (re)production, whether drawing, printing, collage, video, or a combination thereof. Ranging from unique works to small editions and larger offset runs, these books are all the result of self-initiated projects, though many were made in collaboration with artists, designers, and publishers, all of which is reflected in the diversity of the material presented: exhibition publications, artist’s books, curatorial projects, audiovisual books. The accompanying captions describe the content and context of each publication, and touch upon its possible readings. It should be noted that the books archived here are an integral part of a broader artistic practice; as such, they collect, deconstruct, and distribute motifs that recur within the context of projects in other media.

Kasper Andreasen’s work is based upon acts of drawing and writing. Often the starting point of a work is a specific item of printed ephemera or a photograph, which is then transformed through a gesture of drawing or writing. The tension between these gestures play a central role in his work, often reflecting on the position of maps and places, and on how they can be read. Every form of writing is a place, a framework, and a registration of time. More specifically, it is not so much how writing is read as a linguistic entity but rather as to how images can be written, or can be the result of writing.